I should have a name. Mine is all borrowed from people that existed before me. I should have a space to call home. Yet, I don’t even know the place I was born or if I fit in the place where I actually live. I own a face, a physical space and my own feelings. Sometimes I am just like any other person. Identical. Sometimes I feel different from any other living being. Identity. I never felt the same twice. There was a time I believed we could reinvent feelings. Each moment is genuine. I live genuinely. I wish I could describe myself. I can’t. It’s breathless.

I am not tall. I am not short. I am not young. I am not old. I am not pretty. I am not ugly. I am egoistic. I am altruistic. I love music. Sometimes music irritates me. I love reading. Still, I can go without reading for months. I love watching movies. I regard most of them as the perfect cure for insomnia. Shall I continue?

Mainly I work with words. Portuguese words. I am very impatient. I exist here and there, even though I don’t understand why. Do you?

About This Blog
Of so many aspects interesting me in life, I have chosen the subject of the sea for this blog. And as I write these first words the only thing coming to me are two lines by a Portuguese poetess, which I recite here by heart: “Quando eu morrer hei-de voltar/ Para viver os momentos vividos longe do mar”. (I shall return when I die/ To live the moments lived far from the sea.) These words by Sophia de Mello Breyner Anderson always had a special meaning to me. This space will show how much the sea and poetry are present in my life.

I have a quest: for quite sometime I’ve been dreaming and planning an underwater treasure expedition, a legal adventure. I post about it from time to time. Maybe blogging will only stop if “esperança” (hope) dies or when this quest is accomplished.


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