1. The cultural pages of local newspapers, like for instance: http://www.opais.co.mz/
2. The French-Mozambican Cultural Centre at http://ccfmoz.com/


África Bar – Av. 24 de Julho, 2182. Marcações: 21322217
Ambiente Bar – Bairro 25 de Junho “Choupal”, Rua 6.
Coconuts – Na Marginal, ao lado do casino.
Face 2 Face – Na Feira Popular (Baixa).
Gil Vicente Bar – Av. Samora Machel, 45.
Havana Bar – Av. Mao Tse Tung.
Komuxama – Av. Samora Machel N.4 nº 2369, Matola. Marcações: 842850645
Mafalala Libre – Av. Mao Tsé Tung, 911.
Mar na Brasa – Em frente do Clube Marítimo.
Matola Jazz Bar – No Complexo Palmeiras.
Waterfront – Av. 10 de Novembro, 74.
Xima Bar – Av. Eduardo Mondlane.







Events, exhibitions, art and crafts
Artenoparke – Parque dos Continuadores, Av. Mao Tsé Tung.
Associação dos Escritores Moçambicanos – Av. 24 de Julho, 1420. 823023500
Associação dos Músicos Moçambicanos – Av. Maguiguana, 720. 825784463
Associação Kulungwana – Estação dos Caminhos de Ferro.
Associação Moçambicana de Fotografia – Av. Julius Nyerere, 618.
Café Acacia – No Parque dos Professores, Maputo.
Café Sol – Marcações: 846171310
Casa da Cultura do Alto-Maé – Rua Albert Luthuli, 1719.
Centro Cultural Brasil-Moçambique – Av. 25 de Setembro, 1728.
Centro Cultural Franco Moçambicano – Av. Samora Machel, 468.
Consulado Geral de Portugal – Av. Mao Tsé Tung, 519.
ICMA/Goethe Zentrum – Rua Carlos Albers, 89. Marcações: 21308594
Instituto Camões – Av. Julius Nyerere, 720.
Mediateca do BCI – Rua Joaquim Lapa, 39, Maputo. Marcações: 21355842
Mercado do Pau – Praça 16 de Junho (Baixa).
Museu Nacional de Arte – Av. Ho Chi Min, 1233. Marcações: 21320264
Núcleo de Arte – Rua da Argélia, 194.
TCC Dalmann Shop – Rua Francisco Barreto, 135.
Veleiro Arts – Av. Armando Tivane, 164.







Cinemas, shows, theater
Artenoparke – Parque dos Continuadores, Av. Mao Tsé Tung.
Associação Cultural da Casa Velha – Av. Patrice Lumumba, 376. 824487280
Centro Cultural Brasil-Moçambique – Av. 25 de Setembro, 1728.
Centro Cultural Franco Moçambicano – Av. Samora Machel, 468.
Cine-teatro Gilberto Mendes – Travessa do Varieta, 21-57. 824904630
Cinema Scala – Av. 25 de Setembro, 1514. Marcações: 823190190
Cinema Xenon – Av. Julius Nyerere, 776. Marcações: 21497256
Estúdio 222 – Rua Travessa do Varieta.
Estúdio Galeria Mozolua – Na Casa da Cultura do Alto Mae.
Ngoma – Bairro Zona Verde, ao longo da Av. 4 de Outubro.
Oficina de Teatro Galagalazul – Rua da Resistência, 199, 1º andar. 825289564
Spazio África – Av. Paulo Samuel Kankomba, 578.
Teatro Avenida – Av. 25 de Setembro.
Teatro Mapiko – Av. Patrice Lumumba, 376
UEM – Faculdade de Letras e Ciências Sociais – Campus Principal. 21485402


Expect Beauty
Besides beautiful, unspoiled nature, you can expect anything from a Mozambican beach. So then, be prepared: expect the unexpected! The success of a beach experience in Mozambique depends a lot on information, organization and your willingness to understand differences, relax and enjoy.


Gather all the answers you can, mainly: which are the best means to get there, having in mind comfort, safety and costs? After picking the right one, try to obtain specific information about the existing conditions. If you are supposed to travel by road, for instance, knowing can be the difference between having holidays or serious headaches. Is there gas and food availability during the trajectory? If you are supposed to follow a dirt road with sandy tracks, have you previously checked if the tyres are not hard so you won’t have troubles along the way?


Inform Yourself
You won’t say salve to Thomas Edison unless you have to live without electricity. This may happen if you are not well informed about the lodge where you plan to stay. No electricity at all or strict hours of power are both upsetting, especially if you don’t like surprises. On the contrary, if you are a gambler, just try your luck. In the end you may learn that you can survive without Edison’s favors and even enjoy it.


Do Your Homework
Consider having to carry a few odd things with you, from bed linen to pillows, from a decent mug to a sharp knife. It’s evident that I’m not referring to luxury resorts, but basic lodges – most of the times the only ones existing in the most spectacular, remote beaches. For instance, for Morrungulo, one of the wildest diving beaches in Inhambane, we had to book and pay through South Africa, a high price for Mozambican standards, and at the last instance we were informed of a list of stuff we should bring along with us. Let’s say it was the best holidays advice ever given to us. Without it we wouldn’t stand one day up there. Instead, we had a comfortable one-week stay and learned the importance of doing our homework first.

Pay Fair
In general costs in Mozambique are more or less the same as in South Africa, since South Africans own a great percentage of the resorts. The only thing to keep in mind is that in Mozambique money is not a guarantee of quality, especially in terms of service. We have been in affordable places and left amply satisfied and we have been in expensive hotels and lodges to where we don’t plan to return. Mozambicans have a clear way of showing any labor complain by neglecting the clientele. So the wise move here is the equation cost/quality.


Know in Advance
Another important piece of information is the modality of holidays you are paying for, meaning: what has the resort to offer in terms of activities and entertainment? If it’s good for diving, it would be a shame not to be equipped for that. By knowing in advance, at least you will be motivated for specific activities, being it snorkeling, walking, surfing, fishing, canoeing and so many more.


Remember Malaria
It’s difficult to think unpleasant when planning holidays, but in Mozambique you do have to remember malaria. And even though some areas are mosquito free, the wisest approach is carrying with you the preventive stuff (sprays, creams, nets…) and, just in case, also the cure medicine.


Don’t Miss the Fun!
Remember to include in your must have list: sunglasses, hat, sun block and after sun. If you forget sun protection, you risk missing some good moments.


Order Right
Don’t expect sophisticate restaurants or elaborated menus. However, few places in the world offer the same possibility of eating fresh fish and tasty prawns like here. That’s what you should order. And wine or a nice Mozanbican beer to go with it… A few memorable meals of a lifetime happen to happen in Mozambique. Sophistication: zero! Taste and freshness of products: top score! Sometimes we forget what eating unpolluted is until we eat again.


Think Comfort
Accommodation is still scarce, expensive and sometimes of very questionable quality. You should require at least a few pre-conditions. I mean cleanness, no cockroaches, etc. Things like air conditioner can be regarded as a luxury elsewhere, not in Mozambique. If you ask the right questions to the right person, you’ll have a fair description of the place where you intend to stay.


Ten is a Crowd
Except for cities like Maputo or Beira, beaches are very clean, unpolluted and deserted. Ponta do Ouro is an exception during holidays, when it becomes really crowded with South African tourists. As for the rest, you may spend hours without seeing a single soul or facing the sudden invasion of a holidaying group, usually no more than ten people. After hours enjoying the feeling that you are the only one on the planet, any group of people may look like a menace to your privacy.


Relax and Enjoy
Not into sand and water? There’s plenty of other things to do! Why not just relax and enjoy what you usually like? What about reading and listening to your favorite tunes? You’ll experience a completely different way of enjoying your day-to-day moments.


Be Nice
If you want to know a bit more about local people, the first thing that you will notice is how poor they look. The second is how nice, relaxed and unaffected they are. My suggestion is: be nice and careful as you should be with anyone you don’t really know. Unpleasant things may happen if you are permissive or aggressive.


Be Careful
Once there, you are on your own. Knowing that there are no coast signs, no lifeguards or any other support to count on, caution is the main issue in this list.


Be Active
Any resort will offer you activities, usually no more than 3 or 4 options like diving and fishing expeditions, boat rides or local tours. You always have the chance of organizing other nice activities by yourself, such as: walking, reading, listening to your favorite tunes, etcetera.


Buy Local
Besides children and fishermen, the third element in terms of human landscape on local beaches is ambulant sellers. Unless the beach is very remote, you will be asked to buy all you can imagine, from bed pillows to electronic equipment. If the beach is far from any village, the offer decreases substantially to fish, fruit and crafts.


Best Friends
Stray dogs are also part of the beach landscape. In general they are very friendly. For quite sometime I worried with the idea that no one took care of them, but now I believe they belong to local fishermen or even resorts along the coast. Beach dogs are great company for walking and running.


Save the World
If you think Mozambican beaches are beggar free, guess what? You are wrong. Some are protected, but for the most you surely will be asked to solve a few people’s immediate needs. If you give money to one, soon you will have a begging army around you. The right move is to have boiled eggs or cookies. That shall be enough to make sure the ones approaching need real food. You will be surprised how much more grateful they are, especially children. By giving food you solve a specific situation. Money usually ends up in the hands of older boys or a family member. Maybe it’s going to be drunk or used some other wrong way.


Collect What’s Wrong
If you are not the “sitting until you look like a brownie type”, you will find a lot to entertain you. Why not picking shells or taking pictures? Sometimes I even collect rubbish, when I am feeling particularly energetic. In 2km of beach you may find 5 to 10 items spoiling the scenery. When you leave, you feel like you left behind a better place. It’s a sort of contribution for a day well-spent.


Think Sharks
Sharks exist in Mozambican waters and there are no safety nets around beaches. You have to think sharks before you go swimming. Encounters are rare, but they happen from time to time and usually with dramatic results.


A Warm Swim
Sea water all long the extensive coast is warm, depending on season and latitude. From my own experience, water can be either like a soup or perfect for a swim.


The World on a Bike
Country roads in Mozambique are full of people who seem committed to carry the world from somewhere to anywhere. Usually women transport heavy containers over their heads, executing a sort of dance-walk with notorious lightness and equilibrium. Men’s favorite transportation system is by bike, where they carry anything from wife to goats or mattress.


Blue Bath
Blue and green… In fact, plenty more blue than green. Prepare yourself for a blue bath in any Mozambican beach. Hope you like the color and enjoy it to the last consequences. Besides deep blue, you can still (last hour negativity) expect the purest air to breath. You start to feel your brain working perfectly and soon you will find yourself making plans for life. Wanting to change yourself. Or the whole world.


Speed Kills
Road blocks are not so frequent as they used to be – frequent and understandably upsetting in a country with a past history of decades of war. These days there are only the usual traffic control blocks, mainly in the vicinity of villages where speed limits are easily forgotten. You should speak with someone wise before venturing Mozambican roads. Though, my immediate suggestion is be nice. Unless you have done a really bad mistake, you will be able to talk the situation through.


Be Sophisticated
If there’s a thing to learn with Mozambicans is sophistication. Even in the poorest remote communities you will find women and men concerned with their image. Fishermen wives work hard but they still take care of themselves. Homemade face creams, colorful nails and complicated hair styles are common. It’s really a good surprise witnessing their colorful vanity. So don’t be afraid to be sophisticated. That’s something local people are going to understand and appreciate.


Be Prepared
When I travel through Mozambique I try to be prepared for the better or worse. Usually it’s the better, but sometimes we have bad experiences too. I remember discovering drunken children during the traditional drinking period. People drink fermented maize and sometimes children are authorized to participate. It’s a really sad sight. Tradition and isolation present us with aspects completely opposite to our social and cultural background. How difficult it might be to witness, I don’t think wise to interfere. Important changes in a society have to come from within, through education and better standards of living.


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