As if life was not already a challenge, we also have the challenges of Facebook. This is a seven days challenge in which black and white photos of your lives are published. The rules are: “No people. No explanation. Each day, nominate a friend.”

I decided to accept the challenge and bring it here. After all, I’m always using words and this can be an opportunity to do a different thing. Today is the second day of the challenge.

Day one:


Day two:





I used to criticize people addicted to phone or computer games. Now I became one of them. I do not know if my addiction is the consequence of a natural inclination or pure stubbornness.

I think I play because I like challenges. It is useless to look for excuses and theories. Whatever the reasons are, the only conclusion is that games are very addictive. 

Best of September 2017


We celebrated the 25th of September visiting Macaneta Beach. We had a day of sun and wind followed by another day of heavy rain. The facilities of the lodge were reasonable, but the food didn’t have much quality.

While there was sun, we walked and photographed some girls who are daughters of local fishermen. The rain was torrential and lasted most of the second day. As we already knew the weather forecast, we were not disappointed. It must have been the best of this September. 



In a way, houses are like people. From time to time, they need to be cared for or they will begin to degrade.

Our house is going through one of such periods. If we do not give it a little attention and care, decay sets in and then it is very difficult to regain the good feeling we have when a house is in shape.

I made a “do it now” and “do it later” list with the help of my boyfriend. Lists have the merit of making us realize the distance between dream and reality.

The Church


The Catholic church near my house is being repaired. It is the third time I witness the efforts to save a beautiful piece of architecture from the fifties.

The afternoon I discovered this, I felt a rush in my blood and took it as a sign of new things to come. In the days that followed, things got complicated. Then, I discovered that the rush was right. And at the same time that my life is changing, I wonder how many more times I will witness church makeovers.

Two Stains on the Wall


The house where I live has a curious past. It was built in the 50s according to the design of a well-known architect. The first couple who lived here had no children. I heard, recently, that she knew she could not have children and hid it from him. They were very unhappy.

The opposite happened with the next couple in this house. He said he could not have children right after the wedding. The consequence was another problematic relationship. Probably as a reminder of those two lies, there are two bloody spots on the wall. No matter how hard we try, we could never erase them.

Can the unhappiness of people be transmitted to the houses where they lived? I have a clear notion that this house is saddish. The third couple living here, who should not have lied to each other, faced the challenge to make it more joyful and failed.