Best of January 2018


I hope the movie “The Shape of Water” has the recognition it deserves. This world has too many secrets and people using such secrets to manipulate us, to use us, to achieve their interests and do whatever they want. Those people are sure that they played the right card and that is not always the case…

There are two other reasons for me to talk about this movie:

– who the ugly one loves, handsome it seems to him (“Quem o feio ama, bonito lhe parece”, as we say in Portuguese) but the ugliness of heart does not enter into this equation!;

– finally, the recognition that there are beings (even humans) who are aquatic and their need for water that is becoming scarce.

Let us see how all this is recognized by people not always attentive to the most subtle details.


Best of 2017


Knowledge and Learning
In a previous life I was married. My children and I were the main thing in my husband’s mind. I think that’s the norm, even in marriages where relationships are not perfect.

Now I’m fourth or even fifth place. I am second to smoking, relatives, friends and professional activity. I knew it almost from the start. The best of 2017 was to discover why. Mental blindness is not my cup of tea. I will have to assimilate the reality or give up.

Best of September 2017


We celebrated the 25th of September visiting Macaneta Beach. We had a day of sun and wind followed by another day of heavy rain. The facilities of the lodge were reasonable, but the food didn’t have much quality.

While there was sun, we walked and photographed some girls who are daughters of local fishermen. The rain was torrential and lasted most of the second day. As we already knew the weather forecast, we were not disappointed. It must have been the best of this September. 

Best of July and August 2017

Going Out
Now and then I go out more than usual. That is what has been happening lately. At least twice a week, for three consecutive weeks, I go out for dinner or some show. The usual would be once a week.

I had birthday parties, social dinners and shows. Wednesday I went to an electronic and contemporary dance show. Now I am thinking about Ceuzany.

It’s interesting how sometimes we feel like home and other times we opt for socializing.

Best of June 2017


Alone on the deck
We had a long weekend. The country where I live has just celebrated its 42nd independence anniversary. We returned to the house in the lake, where I took some pictures. I learn bit by bit…

Most of the charm of this family retreat is the deck over the lake. Eventually, I won’t remember all the food that I had, the walks, the conversations, the laughter or the pain. I decided to treasure the memory of the moments I was alone on the deck (or with the dogs). That’s how the last weekend of June 2017 was for me: alone on the deck.

Best of May 2017


It seemed difficult to look back and discover a best. However, contemporary dance stood out immediately. Contemporary dancers strive to connect mind and body through fluid dance movements. Well, my fluidity is still very questionable after three classes only…

As my teacher is a Mozambican dancer, I won’t watch him leave anytime soon. Actually, that is the real best of May!

Tango and salsa – South African teacher. Probably, he moved to SA;
Tae bo – Ecuadorean teacher. She moved to Italy;
Flamenco – Spanish teacher. She returned to Spain;
Ballet – Mexican. She moved to California (USA);
Second ballet teacher – South African. She now lives in Australia;
Contemporary teacher – He is Mozambican. He doesn’t intend to move.

And that is a good reason for a best!