Tofo, Version 2018


Because the truth is to be told, I did not enjoy my recent stay in Inhambane. So that the reasons are not forgotten:

– the weather left much to be desired;
– I was not well treated or loved (neither then nor now).

These causes are a simplification of many things that have happened. He broke the chain and shows the usual inability to repair it. In his manual, what comes next is a separation followed by the false idea of forgiveness and restart. From so much use, the page is unreadable. It has no answers. And so I am in the position of giving what he likes to give in terms of feelings: little or nothing.

What matters is that I was am not happy. I feel strong and well, because the beach always leaves me like this. Otherwise, I just try to forget and go on…




There is an ongoing debate on whether there is Autumn or not. This is because things are a little different here. Before the cold season there is a fantastic period that reminds us of Spring. Such period does not give rise to summer and corresponds to the months of March, April and May.

Now that it should be the end of spring because Summer is beginning, we have what resembles Autumn. This morning I opened one of the windows of our house and exclaimed, “It’s Autumn!” It was not for less. The roofs are covered with dry leaves, as you can see in the photo I took. I’m sure there is Spring and Autumn, but they happen in a different sequence and mood.

Because I Know


It’s summer again. Well, I live in Southern Africa. In the years before I would have been enjoying the sun and the longest days. However, this year nothing seems the same.

Deep down I know that something is wrong. By any chance, it is not me or my relationship with anyone. It’s the world that does not seem right. There is something very sad about the times that we live. Cold and grey summer days… Intuitive people can see that. In the last instance, summer is a state of mind. 

February 3

This is a country where festive days seem to multiply. Just a week ago I was in Chidenguele, up north, 270km away from the capital.

Chidenguele means the 3Fs (friends, family and food), plus the lagoon (where I had the courage to bath for the first time) and the beach (where I felt puzzled by the lodges that don’t clean the mess some visitors leave behind).

It was also very interesting to see: a secondary street used to train the road construction workers, the Chinese medicine sign in the middle of nowhere, someone recycling bottles (probably those left on the beach), the dogs, the man waving, the red cardinal and the fishermen in the twilight.

Oops! Forgot to post…

Last week was one of those rare weeks I forgot my blogging routine. Consequently, I couldn’t pick a better subject than the reason why. The real reason is quite simple: summer.

Yes, summer is coming and I couldn’t stand my winter wardrobe any more. As I own a lot less than two years ago, changing to summer is taking me half of the time. Minimalism is more an organizational aspect than a visual option or possessing just a few things. You can have little and live in a clutter, and you can own a lot and live a minimal life. It all depends on having the right number of things for the space available and using it in a very clever way. Job done!