Work Changes

I’m trying to change the way I work so that I have more free time. I began to worry. When someone is used to work the same way, year after year, changing is hard.

I want more time for myself. I even want more time to enjoy the work I do. Time and quality would be great. I just have no idea about the final result. I have no idea about my next step. Scaring…

Best of March 2017

Movies Online and Diving Sites
I don’t have unlimited internet and I’ve been watching movies on-line. As a result, limited access. No blogging, for instance. Movies on-line are highly addictive. It’s the availability, the coziness and the stopping or restarting whenever I want. No wonder the studios are planning “to release movies on-line just 45 days following its debut in theaters”:

(By the way, I suppose the internet is a mean of communication (a tool), as the telephone or the facsimile. Then, why should I write Internet (capital letter) and not internet? I don’t get it. If it were about somebody’s name, I would agree. Consequently, I’ll keep writing internet.)

Recently, I read about the ten best diving sites in Mozambique here:

I had just returned from two of them: Mamoli and Ponta do Ouro. As a reminder that there’s plenty more than watching movies on-line…

Far and Away

Yes, I am back home. To my ordinary life. What I really crave (about far and away) is the stress free feeling and the pictures boyfriend and I take.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to live like that (without stress and taking pictures). Time is scarce. Money is a problem. No one gets rich out of a salary. Makes sense to question the order of the things…

Best of February 2017

Summer in Four Takes
I enjoy my summer holidays in four takes. The first one is when summer comes. I even used to celebrate its arrival by going to a nearby beach and toast. Things are different now. Sometimes, to celebrate, we have to have time to organize the celebration. Anyway, we still do different things when summer arrives to these southern shores.

The second coincides with Christmas and New Year. Usually, we go to a nice place like Ponta do Ouro or Inhambane. I suppose this is the central part of my summer.

The third is in February, when we usually travel to nearby Johannesburg. Right now, South Africa is a bit expensive to Mozambicans. I heard about a couple who stayed a week in Johannesburg and concluded that they had spend as much as in Europe. Anyway, we have been there and survived. Basically, we watched movies and went to good restaurants and shops. “Lion” is moving. “Manchester by the Sea” is painful. My favorite, so far, is “Arrival”. It’s different, in its kind, and has a very powerful message.

The fourth and last part of summer, still to come, is an escape – when time, weather and money conspire for it – to a nearby beach. It’s our summer goodbye.

Best of January 2017

Palm Trees
The palm trees of Inhambane, where I spent the first days of January 2017, are my pick for the first best of this year.

However, Inhambane is also about the bluest sea, the kindest people and the amazing food. They stand as tall as the tallest trees.

February 3

This is a country where festive days seem to multiply. Just a week ago I was in Chidenguele, up north, 270km away from the capital.

Chidenguele means the 3Fs (friends, family and food), plus the lagoon (where I had the courage to bath for the first time) and the beach (where I felt puzzled by the lodges that don’t clean the mess some visitors leave behind).

It was also very interesting to see: a secondary street used to train the road construction workers, the Chinese medicine sign in the middle of nowhere, someone recycling bottles (probably those left on the beach), the dogs, the man waving, the red cardinal and the fishermen in the twilight.