Best of April 2017

Tears and Smiles
On the 28th of April my parents would have celebrated their wedding anniversary. They don’t celebrate “here” any more.

Smartphone alerts are great. If I were in my house, I wouldn’t have the time to think about it. But I was away, basking in the sun…

For that reason, I was curious to discover when I was conceived. Knowing how straight they were, it was pretty easy to discover that I am a byproduct of their honeymoon. If nature functioned well, as it seems, I was fabricated in the second week of their wedding.

For the first time, I realized that they always looked at me remembering love, happiness and, most probably, wild things. And I also realized that, if I were aware of such “subtle detail” long ago, I would have caused them less tears and a whole lot of smiles.



This is the moment when I write down what I’ve been doing lately. Let me see. For a start, working. I’ve been trying a different approach by organizing sources, searching for new ones and more.

I work hard from Monday to Wednesday. Thursday to Sunday? Not so bad. From time to time I can even have a couple of free days. When it’s possible, I use my new freedom to watch horror movies. Some of them are great. Some are not so great. I liked “Handmaiden” and “The Authopsy of Jane Doe” very much – just to name two favorites, so far. The first one is not a horror movie. It’s a period, erotic movie, with a drop of suspense, I think.

“The Authopsy of Jane Doe”, image from the internet.

Work Changes

I’m trying to change the way I work so that I have more free time. I began to worry. When someone is used to work the same way, year after year, changing is hard.

I want more time for myself. I even want more time to enjoy the work I do. Time and quality would be great. I just have no idea about the final result. I have no idea about my next step. Scaring…

Reading the Signs

I know someone. That someone is a good guy. He talks about his “wars” against colleagues, friends and even family. I listen and try to be fair. However, he does not expect fairness. He expects blind applause. That is not me and will never be.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that, sooner or later, aggressive people hurt you. Right now I am in the process of synthesizing, in my analytical mind, that when someone tells you stories about war, you end up bleeding.

I am concluding that if someone is fighting some war you are not directly involved, you have to be clear from the start and say: “I am out. I do not agree. Thank you, but no. I am glad and happy to be in peace with myself and the whole world.

They hurt you, while swearing they don’t. That is what I have learned. They are hurt because of someone or something and, the first thing they do, is hurting you. The despicable side of human nature. Violence begets violence. You have to stand, from the first moment, against it.

The thing is that I am almost convinced that what is true for us is also true for countries. The message is clear: if you don’t want war in your borders, you have to show it fast and clearly.

Age Is Just a Number

Doris Day, who found her birth certificate recently, was surprised to learn she was turning 95 instead of 93. It seems she said: “Age is just a number.” Right. At least for African standards, she is presidential material.

Politically speaking, things are hotting up in this side of the world. Tomorrow there must be a huge protest against controversial president Jacob Zuma. Once again, tech and politics collide. Going against tech doesn’t solve wrong politics. Cameroon is a good example of that. The government blacked out the internet mid-January, in an attempt to control the protests spreading through English-speaking parts of the country.

“However this attempt to stifle opposition seems to have backfired, sparking further activism and galvanising international attention,” writes a reporter. “The affected areas – primarily English speaking – have been the center of protests over policies of the country’s 83 year old president, Paul Biya, rooted in a language dispute linked to the country’s colonial past. The internet outage has disrupted business and bank transfers in the west African country and prompted a #BringBackOurInternet Twitter campaign. The outage has cost the country $1.39bn in economic activity so far, according to global digital activist group Access Now. A former German, British, and French colony, Cameroon became an independent republic in 1961. As part of a reunification process, it adopted both English and French as official languages. However, now Cameroon’s federal government has been imposing various forms of French administration on the other regions, prompting a backlash.”

As it seems, the situation is improving. Anyways, the article underlines the “irony in how the mounting backlash has unfolded. The government’s attempt to stymie protest has demonstrated that the most powerful tool in shining a light on that blackout is the internet itself.”

Back to Zuma (74), after reading the above I was surprised to find myself thinking how “young” he is if compared with Robert Mugabe (93), Paul Biya (82) and other African leaders. No wonder some people believe that right now Zuma is pondering over his options: shall I stay or force ex-wife Dlamini-Zuma way up?

Best of March 2017

Movies Online and Diving Sites
I don’t have unlimited internet and I’ve been watching movies on-line. As a result, limited access. No blogging, for instance. Movies on-line are highly addictive. It’s the availability, the coziness and the stopping or restarting whenever I want. No wonder the studios are planning “to release movies on-line just 45 days following its debut in theaters”:

(By the way, I suppose the internet is a mean of communication (a tool), as the telephone or the facsimile. Then, why should I write Internet (capital letter) and not internet? I don’t get it. If it were about somebody’s name, I would agree. Consequently, I’ll keep writing internet.)

Recently, I read about the ten best diving sites in Mozambique here:

I had just returned from two of them: Mamoli and Ponta do Ouro. As a reminder that there’s plenty more than watching movies on-line…

Is It Smart?

Is it smart to own a smartphone? With everything we have been hearing, I doubt. My smartphone decided to bath, sizzle and die. Consequently, less net and less music. I don’t mind the net. Music is a different story. I was able to walk a few minutes on the beach, listening to a few tunes, and realized how I missed such moments.

I am smartphone free. For now. My first smartphone is so old that the only smart thing he still does is charging. When it charges.

I know I should buy a new phone. Yet, I was caught by the magic of number 8 and at the same time I worry with all the negative reviews I’ve been reading and listening. Buying a new phone shouldn’t be so worrisome.