I do not like to consider myself a quitter, but I have to agree that I quit dance very easily. Today I woke up with the word “quitter” in mind. Maybe I reminded my contemporary dance teacher’s disapproving face the last time I saw him.

What is the behavior of someone who does not want to feel guilty? Usually he or she makes excuses. That’s what I did. Before getting up, I had two good excuses in mind: my tired legs and my honeymoon. I think I’m the kind of people with “honeymoons” that last for tens of years. What about that as an excuse?

On the subject of honeymoon, this week I was in a wedding. It had sea and blue sky. It had violins. It had a banquet hall with candelabra. All very beautiful, but I still consider myself luckier to wake up every morning next to someone I like.


The Crow


I saw a crow rattling a rat’s brain on the town walk. People passed indifferently, as if it were normal. I cannot forget the image. These crows are not from here. I heard they came from India, multiplied on the island of Inhaca and now invaded the capital. As they are territorial and aggressive, all other birds are being decimated before our indifferent gaze.

The sun, which I have so often thought and said to love, is being ruthless. As in other parts of the world, the difference between summer and winter almost ceased to exist. Summer has come and the truth is that I rarely feel the appeal I once felt. There are days when the sun has nothing friendly. What are we doing to the place where we live?

The lack of gentleness is becoming general. The unkindness of the others is always easy to observe. We sit in front of the televisions and utter exclamations of disapproval. Let us discuss with colleagues the insensitivity of this and that. What about our own insensitivity and rudeness? Everything begins and ends in us.

Because I Know


It’s summer again. Well, I live in Southern Africa. In the years before I would have been enjoying the sun and the longest days. However, this year nothing seems the same.

Deep down I know that something is wrong. By any chance, it is not me or my relationship with anyone. It’s the world that does not seem right. There is something very sad about the times that we live. Cold and grey summer days… Intuitive people can see that. In the last instance, summer is a state of mind. 



As if life was not already a challenge, we also have the challenges of Facebook. This is a seven days challenge in which black and white photos of your lives are published. The rules are: “No people. No explanation. Each day, nominate a friend.”

I decided to accept the challenge and bring it here. After all, I’m always using words and this can be an opportunity to do a different thing. Today is the second day of the challenge.

Day one:


Day two:




I used to criticize people addicted to phone or computer games. Now I became one of them. I do not know if my addiction is the consequence of a natural inclination or pure stubbornness.

I think I play because I like challenges. It is useless to look for excuses and theories. Whatever the reasons are, the only conclusion is that games are very addictive. 

Best of September 2017


We celebrated the 25th of September visiting Macaneta Beach. We had a day of sun and wind followed by another day of heavy rain. The facilities of the lodge were reasonable, but the food didn’t have much quality.

While there was sun, we walked and photographed some girls who are daughters of local fishermen. The rain was torrential and lasted most of the second day. As we already knew the weather forecast, we were not disappointed. It must have been the best of this September. 



In a way, houses are like people. From time to time, they need to be cared for or they will begin to degrade.

Our house is going through one of such periods. If we do not give it a little attention and care, decay sets in and then it is very difficult to regain the good feeling we have when a house is in shape.

I made a “do it now” and “do it later” list with the help of my boyfriend. Lists have the merit of making us realize the distance between dream and reality.