Best of June 2017


Alone on the deck
We had a long weekend. The country where I live has just celebrated its 42nd independence anniversary. We returned to the house in the lake, where I took some pictures. I learn bit by bit…

Most of the charm of this family retreat is the deck over the lake. Eventually, I won’t remember all the food that I had, the walks, the conversations, the laughter or the pain. I decided to treasure the memory of the moments I was alone on the deck (or with the dogs). That’s how the last weekend of June 2017 was for me: alone on the deck.

About Wine

We learn things from drinking wine. Probably, the first one is: don’t drink too much. If you cannot control the amount and frequency, you shouldn’t drink at all.

Besides, this is what I have learned:

. You have to change and try different wines.

. You have to have a memory of tastes, so that you can create a space between wines and recognize similarities and differences.

I think this is the main I learned so far.

Best of May 2017


It seemed difficult to look back and discover a best. However, contemporary dance stood out immediately. Contemporary dancers strive to connect mind and body through fluid dance movements. Well, my fluidity is still very questionable after three classes only…

As my teacher is a Mozambican dancer, I won’t watch him leave anytime soon. Actually, that is the real best of May!

Tango and salsa – South African teacher. Probably, he moved to SA;
Tae bo – Ecuadorean teacher. She moved to Italy;
Flamenco – Spanish teacher. She returned to Spain;
Ballet – Mexican. She moved to California (USA);
Second ballet teacher – South African. She now lives in Australia;
Contemporary teacher – He is Mozambican. He doesn’t intend to move.

And that is a good reason for a best! 


Tell me about love and disappointment. We all experienced both in more or less terrible ways. Are they a sequence or a consequence? Is disappointment a “normal” stage after love?

For young girls, the first disappointment happens very early in life – maybe with her father or brother. The way we live disappointment differentiates us. Not that long ago, I dinned with a friend who said that his disappointment lasts for two years. That’s not my experience. My disappointment is strong but short lived. A question of temperament? As a man, he should get over it sooner than I.

Sometimes I wonder if the way we love and survive a broken relationship is inherited, passing from father or mother to son or daughter, etc. Love and survival. And if by chance that way finds a fertile soil, does it blossom, and makes one happy, and the happiness of the other? Or if the land is barren, only generates disappointment after disappointment… Disappointment is a form of nonconformism. Because we all want to be happy.

Break Away


By the time this post is being published I’ll be on the road, back from a very short trip to the neighbouring town of Nelspruit. What a great WP feature! Last year, I scheduled an entire month ahead of my holidays in Germany, Portugal and Spain.

We are not very enthusiastic about going to SA right now. It’s cold and such trips are always tiring. Even so, we really need things that are not available or are too expensive to buy locally.

It’s getting cold where we are, but Nelspruit is even colder. We checked the weather and it looks fine (24ºC). It seems we’ll have a break.

Contemporary Dance

This week represents a new stage in my life. It is curious how such stages are marked by dance or any other simple exercise. After experimenting tango, salsa, flamenco and ballet, yesterday I started contemporary dance classes. The internet describes contemporary dance as “a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements”.

The first class was good. Contemporary dance has the potential to change a few wrong things about my approach to dance. I felt a strong back pain and was blaming the class, when I remembered that I had bathed dogs Thoth and Keketh before lunch, spending a lot of time and energy in a bad posture. I could have used a chair, but then I would end up soaking. Brrrr. It’s already cold out there!