Lost In the Night

You lost yourself in the night
And the night was lost forever
No more frenzied hum of cars
No more distant kiss to blow
No more love song to whistle
No more ghostly wind to shiver
No more crickets, frogs, tadpoles
No more sudden midnight drizzle

The 3am bird is no longer in its post

Switching off the last city light
You lost yourself in the night
The night was forever lost

Wow! Great awards from Poets Rally 43! Thanks! I know I am more imperfect than perfect, yet I accept and thank the award of Poets’ Poetry Cafe because other poets deserve this recognition. Poets Rally 45 was, in my opinion, a week I truly enjoyed reading the entries. Just don’t ask me why. It happened. I suppose the subjects were more attractive to me. I would name two poets for their courage to tackle really serious matters. As I can only nominate one, my option is KMG with her poem about progress.













I would climb blue skies
I would jump into any blue abyss
For love in your blue eyes


69 thoughts on “Lost In the Night

  1. i’ve been there…and i’ve know those who never returned.
    gorgeous write – thanks for sharing!

  2. To me this is about drifting off to sleep – that could just be my current location at 2am (UK) haha. Loved the poem – such a pleasant and peaceful read

    1. It could be… I wrote about changes and suddenly I found myself thinking about a different situation I’m facing right now. Thanks for stopping by before sleeping! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks a lot, Jingle! ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe it’s time to explain that your comments mean a lot to me, and not just in the sense of appreciation. They are a challenge, far greater than poetry, since they demand day-to-day English, both reading and writing. Consequently, I expect a bit of comprehension for any mistake or mess caused by my own words I’ll be happy to explain and correct directly.

  3. Even in the clearest night, one can lose themselves. Sometimes by choice, but your voice put a great slant on such a night. Sharply written.

  4. I love the poem but also the setting of it within your blog; I imagined the speaker quite literally setting out to sea and turning their back on the land, knowing that, as the city lights blinked closed, it would be the last they’d see of man and nature on the land for a while.

    Thanks for sharing and sparking imaginations to flow ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That is one of the interpretations, since there’s at least 4 completely independent ideas I can relate with this poem… Thanks for reading so attentively!

  5. Beautiful! Love the last lines:
    ‘Switching off the last city light
    You lost yourself in the night
    The night was forever lost’

  6. It is easy to lose while being lost…getting back is an uphill task…loved the thought and emotion behind the words.

    1. Today I’m offering a poem to someone. A birthday present, imagine! That’s the kind of thanks I would definitively like… ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I am not sure what to do with this award besides thanking you. In reality I am quite comfortable being an imperfect poet. ๐Ÿ™‚ It makes me feel like keep trying… Still, I’ll try not to disappoint you. Thanks!

    1. I wrote about how comfortable I feel like an imperfect poet, because I truly like the ideia of being one. Knowing to be appreciative of any recognition, perfection is not appelative to me. Maybe feelings. Maybe fun. Maybe the act of trying. Offenses apart, perfection is soooo boring!

    1. Thanks for noticing levels… I suppose they sometimes are perceptible because I do have the tendency to write thinking about a couple of different situations. Thanks again!

  7. There are times I enjoy being lost … hidden from all except myself … peaceful and serene!

    Poignant imagery knitted together, Seabell. Congratulations on your award! Have a great week!

  8. Thank you for the great honor, Seabell! I have to agree that there are a growing number of great poems making their way to the rally. Each week gets better.

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